Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something in the way He moves...

If I had to name my most significant musical influence, I'd have to say it was my Daddy. Growing up, we always had music playing or Daddy played his guitar and let us sing along. He had an entire closet full of albums. "Albums" are round, plastic disks about the size of a pizza that have music on them. You play these "albums" on something called a "record player". Sometimes they make fuzzy, crackly, popping sounds. I used to love going to that closet full of albums, sometimes to pick something for Daddy to play, sometimes just to look at them and smell them. I loved the smell! It was a mix of plastic and cardboard. It was divine to me.

Daddy had very eclectic musical tastes and he imparted that on to me. Among that varied mix of styles and artists was one of his favorites...James Taylor. His music is like a hug to me. Its comforting and reminds me of days spent sitting at my dad's feet, watching him play the guitar and singing along with him.

The other day, I was listening to music by one of my new favorite artists, Brooke Fraser, and was surprised and delighted to hear her cover "Something in the Way She Moves" by James Taylor. Brooke changed the "she" to "he" and turned the song into a worship song. It was wonderful and worshipful and I've been singing it all week. Do yourself a favor and check it

Do yourself a bigger favor and buy her "album"...I think they are now called "CDs"...and they are smaller.

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