Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Feminists...bite me.

I know there are tons of women out there who are so thankful for all the "great" feminists leaders from days gone by...women who fought for our right to vote and to work and to live independent lives. I'm not one of those ladies. Because, while they were fighting for their rights, they also gave men the impression that we didn't want or need them to be men...to work for us...to care for us...to marry us...or even open a door for us.

Or marry us.

Because, that leaves women like me...who have never wanted anything but to be a housewife and mother to as many children as my poor uterus could spit out (or 6...whichever came first)...who went to college only because I wasn't dating anyone...and got a full time job only because I wasn't married yet...and who has put off buying a home or seriously investing in retirement because I'd rather make those decisions with my husband...at a complete loss when they (and their ovaries) get to the ripe old age of 38 (THIRTY EIGHT...I.E. TWO YEARS AWAY FROM 40) still (STILL!) unmarried.

So, now, thanks to Gloria Steinem and her predecessors, I am at a point in life where I have to realize that the "he" that I've been waiting for is probably living alone with a dog, spending his money on home entertainment systems, gym memberships and dates with various younger women...or his CD collection...or his home library...or something not shallow and stupid, but still not on building a life with me and our children. And, I'm left to pick up the pieces, and buy a home alone, build my retirement plan and avoid buying cats at all costs.

Thanks a lot!

(if you'd like to read the non-hysterical, non-ranty, non-humorous version of this story, go here and then here.)


  1. I think I'd need to get a better attitude before commenting.
    So, just pretend, that I'm mature and say something really profound that totally agrees with you.

  2. No. Tell me what you really think. :)

  3. sigh....
    I could'nt possibly throw out EVERYthing the feminist movement has done, because I believe LOTS of it was good. Seriously, think about it. Women not being able to vote, to work, to have a voice or an opinion? Women being abused, scripture being twisted and manipulated to control women? I couldn't possibly convince myself that this was God's heart for his precious and beautiful creation that was woman.
    And all of the bad that came with the movement? Well, I think if we look hard enough, we could even find some good in there too.
    Independence from "man". The heart of a feminist is, I don't need a man, I don't need a man to complete me, I can be a whole person without one, I am just as valuable as a man.....
    Sorry.... *blush* but his is ALL GOOD STUFF!!!!
    Where they went wrong is what followed these values: Us not only being equal but better, us not needing a man to complete us, and thinking that we can ourselves on our own. What started as a healthy independence from MAN, became a sinful independence from GOD.
    I'm sorry....that's what I really think about feminism.

  4. Um.
    Can we agree to disagree? ;)