Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One thing you should know, if you are a person I just love a really lot, you will probably show up on my blog at least once.

Consider yourself warned. :)

One such person is about to have a birthday, and since I don't get to see him very often, I did two things:

1. I sent him a message saying, "Um, dude, I haven't talked to you in like 6 years!" To which he responded "What in the h$#% do you want?!?!" I just laughed and replied "Aw...hi. :) "

2. I checked my blog to see if I mentioned any of the crazy funny times we had together back when I saw him every stinkin' day...I found the following:

Warning: You should not drink anything while reading these posts.

This post has more warnings than usual. Sorry about that...but I'm all about safety.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

110 in 2010

Back in January, I made a list of 110 things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I didn't share them in detail here or anywhere because A. Some of it was kinda personal and B. I was pretty positive I would fail miserably. But, now that we are past mid-year, I thought I'd give the list a little look-see and see how I've done and how I've maybe not failed quite so miserably. Since I've given no serious, concerted effort to accomplishing one thing on this list, it will be very interesting to see what has been accomplished purely by accident.

Here goes:

1. Consistently tithe again - I had really gotten away from tithing regularly and have had some consequences from that sort of disorder in my spiritual and financial I have begun to walk in more consistency. I also forgot that this was #1 on my that's kind of cool.

6. Determine to live in the Good of God’s grace and mercy each day…saying no to fear and doubt as they arise - The reality of this working itself out in my life is not as spiritual or as "always" as this statement sounds. But, I have seen God giving me grace to speak truth to myself more than I listen to my feelings and fears and failings. I am thankful for that.

9. Serve on the greeting team - I've been doing that for a few months now. :)

15. Join and dive into a new covenant group - I'm visiting one tonight. We shall see!

19. Take a photography class - I think this was the first thing from my list that I pursued. The class was a bust...a total waste of time... but at least it gets one item scratched off, right?

25. Buy a wide-angle lens - this should be arriving at my house today. I needed it for a job I have this weekend. So...yay!

30. Get a legit website - I started working on the design and looking into my hosting options two weeks ago.

31. Solidify my brand - Around the same time I started looking into a website, I redesigned my "brand" (logo, business cards, photo tags). I love it and can't wait to launch the new look and website!

33. Shoot a real wedding - I shot my first wedding at the beginning of this month. Some part of it, and the resulting photos, were me that I still have very much to learn.

39. Evaluate and adjust pricing - I have been working on this for the past month. I'd rather have a few root canals.

58. Become a runner - Ok...I'm going to cry on this one. Seriously. For the past two years, I've wanted to run. Its been in my heart to do it. I could see myself doing it. But then, there were fears too. I'm too large. What if I fall and hurt myself? What if I get heckled by someone who sees the giant girl trying to run? Well, those fears are still there, sorta, and I have hurt myself and been heckled...but 6 weeks ago, I started a program called C25k and I'm still going strong. Last night, I ran for 8 minutes straight...twice! And tomorrow night, I run for 20 minutes straight. I'm scared, but also excited and so blessed to have this testimony to share.

59. Eat better – lower carbs, less fast food/processed/frozen/junk - Yep. Been doing that, mostly, for the past 6 or 7 weeks. I still overeat sometimes and still eat things that are not the best choices...but...I'm getting there.

60. Lose 100lbs - As of yesterday, I'm down 21 lbs. I doubt I'll make the 100lb mark by year end, but...I don't care so long as I am less than when I started. :)

63. Dress better…one new outfit each month- I've purchased a few new pairs of pants, some cute tops and even started wearing heels sometimes. Go me!

66. Make a few successful Facebook to Real Life friendship transitions. J - I actually had dinner with one such Facebook friend Monday night.

68. Write to Yves every other week while he is in jail - I'm very happy to say that I no longer have to write my friend Yves in jail. He was released a few weeks ago! For those that don't know me well...don't worry...I do not make a habit of befriending criminals. Yves was in immigration jail. Our government really needs to figure out how to handle that better. That's all I'm going to say about that.

85. Fix up back yard/patio - I have all the fixin's for that...I just need a weekend home to do it!

107. Continue my boycott of Oprah - 100% successful.

I guess all I can say at this point is...I'm really thankful we have 6 more months left this year!

Monday, June 21, 2010

20 Years

This past weekend, we had our 20-year high school reunion. Being the completely unpopular and uninvolved high school student that I was, it seemed only natural I make up for my slacker ways by being a part of our planning committee. A good time was had by all...well mostly all. There were a few sad "table sitters" and husbands who kept a close eye on their watch and, well, me who held up nearby walls and hid behind my camera.

I'm not the most outgoing person on the planet. I feel much better about life if I have a job to do, but consequently that doesn't leave me much time to cultivate my conversation skills, much less help me look approachable.


I love taking photos and did enjoy capturing those memories for my classmates, but...I do have some regrets about this reunion:

1. I didn't dance. I love to dance, but, well, not necessarily in front of people with eyes. If I'm at a family wedding, I don't care at all. I know they love me and even if they make fun of me, its cool because we're family. I can give as good as I get then.

2. I didn't visit enough folks. There were several people at the party that I was in school with from 1st -12th grade. People I haven't seen in at least a decade. I did get to visit with some, but not all. I wish I had.

3. I didn't have photos taken of me with my old friends.

4. I didn't eat any dessert. I planned on it. They smelled yummy. It just felt wrong, so I didn't.

5. I didn't have a margarita. I planned on it, but every time I went to the bar, I just got water. I worried the margarita would make me sweat more...and that's not a good thing, especially when you're the fat girl.

6. I worried too much. So sad and truly the downfall of my life. I worry about what people see what people think what I may do that could make people think bad things about me or say bad things. Its like the confidence part of me in some respects is stuck in high school where heckling was a regular occurrence. Sigh.

That said, aside from the dancing thing, those regrets didn't ruin the whole reunion experience for me. I still really enjoyed seeing everyone and capturing the fun on camera and seeing how much everyone was enjoying the party I helped plan. That did my heart good. Some other things that did my heart good were:

1. Seeing how excited everyone was to be at the party and to see old friends again.

2. Hearing songs I hadn't heard in years and years...and remembering the lyrics.

3. Getting to see photos of my friend Henry's kiddos. I always knew he'd make a great dad.

4. Having people express an interest in my photography business.

5. Being able to be there for someone who was upset and a bit hurt...and being able to do something to try to help.

6. Finding out that some folks actually read, and enjoy, what I post on Facebook.

7. Seeing the past year of effort and meetings and messages and planning turn out so beautifully for our classmates.

8. Seeing our committee members actually able to enjoy the party because we all worked together to make sure that was a possibility.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lesson's Learned

This week, I learned (and at times re-learned) some things...

1. Check the live blog after you think you hit "save" just in case you accidentally hit "publish".

2. I need accountability...not just some of the time.

3. I actually can sorta run.

4. Sweating is not a fate worse than death.

5. I sorta have a thing for bald men. Strange. One showed up at work today and I was like, "heeeeeyyyyy there." Very Strange.

6. I love singing and worshipping and reading God's word and praying.

7. I love ministering to people I love.

8. I love how God's word can penetrate and comfort and speak volumes all at the same time.

9. I really can not watch romantic movies...funny or otherwise. Not. At. All.

10. I love taking portraits and interacting with people while I'm doing that. Its really fun!

11. I love to laugh.

12. I don't laugh near enough.

13. Nothing satisfies like obedience to God.

14. I cry pretty easily.

15. I'm pretty empathetic.

16. I love the way I feel in purple.

17. My suffering is, in part, so that I will be equipped to comfort others.

18. Everyone, including me, thinks they are better than most people.

19. I think you can generally tell a man's age and/or level of maturity by the amount of cologne he wears.

20. I have serious issues with eyeballs and heights. Moreso than another other fear or phobia.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear You...

Dear You,
You don't know who you are, or more to the point that you are the "You" I'm now speaking to...but...You're wonderful. You're funny and kind and wonderful. Did I already say "wonderful"? are. Wonderful. Just wanted to say that...and so much more..but I won't.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Remember when you and your friends would ride around town in a car, just for fun? Remember how you'd to turn the music up as loud as your ears could stand it? It was just loud enough to sorta vibrate through the seats and verged on hurting your ears, but you didn’t care because you liked the music? It was your jam. It was the latest and greatest. It was what all the other kids were listening to. Well, replace the fun ride with sitting at your desk…replace your jam with crackly and repetitive dialogue about baby birds. Add Ernie from Sesame Street laughing in the background…and then…well…then…the vibration and pain isn’t tolerable at all. In fact, it is so annoying and offensive that it makes you almost want to physically harm someone. However, because you are a civilized person, you simply take a deep breath and turn up the speaker on your computer, hoping that some peppy ELO will make it all better.

It doesn’t…until the cracking, ridiculously loud dialogue about baby birds stops. Then…the silence makes you want to shed tears of joy.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into a typical Wednesday afternoon in the life of this mad, fat woman.