Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Choose You

Today, I choose You
Though all that is in me
yearns and aches and craves
something "more"
something else
something temporary...and not You

Today, I chose You
Though it hurts
Though it feels like settling
like giving up
like a consolation prize

Today, I chose You
Though I chose
And speak those words
Through tears
and pain
and defeat

Today, I chose You
Because You chose me
Because You love me
Because You have mercy on me
Even now
Even when
I don't want to choose You

Today, I chose You
Because of your promise
Because of your persistent pursuit
Because of your limitless grace
Because You always know where to find me
And, because You always know how to get me

Wanting to choose
Wanting to surrender
Wanting to fall
Into the everlasting arms
That bore the cross for me
And bear me and my burdens now

Today, I chose you
Because You chose me
And, because You keep coming for me
When I choose
something "more"
something else
something ...not you

Today, I chose You.

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