Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"A dream is a wish your heart makes..."

I dream. A lot. Most of them are silly and strange and quickly forgotten. Some of them, though, have a way of sticking with me. A few nights ago, I dreamed (dreamed? dreamt?) that my nieces disappeared and I couldn't find them. That one was hard to shake. One time, I gave birth in a dream. Waking up with no baby was rough. Last night, my dream took place in a bus station. I was there with two friends. Two guy friends. They were meeting two other girls...and I was along for the ride for some reason. The girls arrived. They looked like members of a punk-themed roller derby team. They sorta tumbled off of the bus and fell into the arms of my friends. One was very happy with the arms in which she landed. The other, well, she was not. She was kinda mean. My friend, his name was Peter, tried to be kind and help her with the big trunks clunking behind her, but she would have no part of it. I felt bad for Peter. Once we all got on the next bus to head home, she opened one of the trunks and dumped the contents, numerous masks and helmets, out the window on to the people below. Peter sat with me because his roller derby gal didn't want him. I tried to distract him from the rejection by pointing out interesting landmarks along the way. Then, I realized that I loved Peter...that I wanted to be the roller derby gal he wanted. Well, minus the roller derby. I could feel my face reddening and now tried to distract myself from all the squirmy, tingly emotions going on inside me. I pointed out some oddly placed catholic relics to Peter, we were both amused. I made a joke. We both laughed. Then, he kissed me awkwardly on the cheek. We looked at each other and laughed. Our laughs turned to understanding smiles. My face got redder. My insides squirmier. He leaned in to do it right this time...and then...

I woke up.

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