Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DWTS: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

1. Two hours of bad dancing. There are generally one or two bright shining moments of not so bad dancing, but it is usually way overshadowed by other badness.

2. Cheryl Burke. She thinks she is way more sexy and awesome than she really is, and if I were Giles Marini's wife, I'd deck her, help her stand up, then, I'd deck her again.

3. It gives undue attention to irrelevant people and/or famemongers.

4. Bruno. Every time he speaks, I want to turn the tv off. If he had his way, he'd make everyone raunchy and ridiculous.

5. Edyta. Seriously, she needs to eat a cookie (or 12) and get a personality...STAT.

6. Results shows. 58 minutes of drawn-out agony and pointlessness just to find out who is being sent home. I think this could be considered a form of torture.

7. How the audience boos when Simon...I mean, Len speaks the truth.

8. The costumes. Its like the costumers only know how to sew in "Tacky" or "Hoochie".

9. Brooke Burke. I'm sorry, but she's just not good, personalble or believable.

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