Monday, April 6, 2009


The movie Fireproof certainly is popular these days. It seems like everyone is talking about it, watching it, doing bible studies based on it, buying the dvd, etc. Tonight, my small group is watching it together. 

I actually rented this movie a month or so ago and watched it, on my sofa...alone. Now, I'm pretty particular, some might say critical, when it comes to movies. If a movie takes itself seriously, pulls out its soap box, thinks it has something to say, well, I expect the movie to say it with no excuses...and not fudge on the actual making of the movie in doing so. I expect actors to be able to act, and act well since I am paying to see them perform "their craft". I expect the writers to provide pleasing, effective, poignant dialogue as opposed to trite and predictable drama club fare. I also expect the movie to feel real, not forced for effect or overdone. I expect to leave entertained, not annoyed...having my thoughts and or emotions provoked, not manipulated.

As I said...I'm particular.

I am particularly particular when it comes to Christian movies. I don't really like the whole ideology of providing christian surrogates for all modern forms of media, or for using movies to mold and shape and influence popular thought, in general. But, if a Christian group is going to produce a movie, I want it to be an excellent one. Typically, though, it is a cheesy one. And, typically, the "message" is seriously diluted. Modern movie makes are not afraid to be in your face about their thoughts on romance, sex, race, prejudice, gender, violence, crime, drugs, parenthood, abuse, religion, or the president, so why should Christians? Why should we soften the message that should be at the heart of what we do? Why should we have to make our messages more palatable? Why should we not say "Jesus" when other movies use His name as a swear word, and use any other word they choose, as often as they choose? Why should we have to turn down the volume? 

I submit that in trying so hard to seem normal and inoffensive, we lose what would make these efforts seem more authentic, more meaningful, more powerful...and decidedly less cheesy.

Some might argue that the budgets aren't there to produce the types of quality movies my particular tastes require. I would say that talent and heart and faithfulness to the message of Christ doesn't have anything to do with money.

Thus endeth my rant.

All that said, though, tonight, my main concern isn't so much the cheese factor as it is my own heart. There is only so much romance a single lady with no prospects can be subjected to, and I have found the need to ration myself pretty severely.  Pray for me.

Finally, a confession...cheesy, movie of the week though it was...I sobbed at the end of Fireproof.  I also cried at the end of High School Musical 3. True story.