Friday, June 3, 2005

Thankful on Day 3

Thank you Lord that even though I actually wasn't able to exercise when I got home last night (at 10:45pm) you did not allow condemnation to take over, and instead showed me the grace and mercy that can be found in "defeat." Rather than allowing me to beat myself up about not doing what I said I was going to do, you showed me things about the heart of obedience vs. the need to finish up a checklist. Thank you for waking me up before the alarm clock this morning so that I could exercise. Thank you that I didn't hate it. Thank you that I got through more of it than I ever have before. Thank you that my arms and sides are a little sore today. Thank you that, though i went on auto-pilot for a moment last night and picked up a piece of sugar free candy, I didn't eat it. Thank you for the time of fellowship I had with my friends last night...and for the ab-crunches via laughter. Thank you that, though I got a little loud, and a lot silly (and probably a bit obnoxious) that they love me anyway and we all headed home smiling and laughing still. Thank you for your word and how you have made it a part of me...for the times when scripture comes to mind...and just for the quiet time in the morning I get to know more of you by reading your word. Thank you for C.J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries and John Piper and my dear Pastors and all of the insight you give them into your word. Thank you for anointing and speaking through them...and using them to help change me. Most of all...thank you for your Son...for sending Him to die that I might live...and live abundantly!

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