Tuesday, June 7, 2005

"Do I Offend?"

Once I could overlook...but twice in 2 weeks? I think I need to get the message now.

Last week a group of people on my floor congregated near my area and made plans to go out to eat at a Cuban restaurant...and didn't invite me.

Today, my assistant told me that she was invited to a going away lunch tomorrow...and I wasn't.

I guess either I need to get out of my cube more...or double-check my deodorant.

I am not the most social person at the office...unlike my assistant. She can be because she isn't carrying the same load as me...in fact, I am carrying half of what she should be doing, plus all of my stuff. I walk in around 6:45-7am every day and don't leave this desk except to go to the potty or fix my lunch.

I guess that is starting to look snobby?

Whew...considering that I am supposed to be a light...it would seem mine has been hidden under a bushel (or cubicle or monitor) lately.

And apparently, either people have forgotten that I exist OR are really mad about it.

1 comment:

  1. If I worked there, we'd go out to lunch together everyday. :)
    Don't forget, if they're lost...you offend without cause.

    Love Ya!