Thursday, June 2, 2005


As I turned on the TV and popped in my Tae-bo tape last night I realized something...I was "technically" breaking the 40 days rules. "I will not turn on the TV". Call me a legalist...but one man's loophole is another's stumbling block and since I am making this "public" I felt I needed to amend the list...because it also occurred to me that blogging is neither checking e-mail nor downloading sermons and I don't want to be called a hypocrite or a liar. Since I am truly less concerned with "rules" as I am the heart and intention behind them...I feel it is reasonable and proper for me to make the small amendments as they do go along with the heart behind the original list. So the New and Improved list for the 40 days of Reformation is as follows:

For the next 40 (or is it 39?) days ...
I will not drink diet soft drinks
eat sugar free candy
or use the internet for "secular" purposes...such as celebrity "news" and photos...and limit it to e-mail, bible study and other matters of personal sanctification and edification (boy does that sound hoytie toytie (sp?))
I will not eat pork.
I will only drink water, tea or coffee and will limit my caffiene intake to 2 drinks a day.
I will exercise every day, even if it is just something small like dancing in my livingroom. :)
I will not turn on the TV (except for the purpose of exercise OR if I have my neices and nephew).
I will use the "extra" time to read and get my house in order.
Finally, I will pray for my husband every day (for the Lord to raise up a godly husband for me, that he would use this time to prepare each of us to lead and submit respectively, that hewould use these disciplines and others to make me more christlike... that whoeverthis man is could see past the physical and see Christ in me...that Christ in me would woo him, so to speak.)

There...I feel better now.

And, no I AM NOT a legalist! ;)

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