Monday, June 6, 2005


The morning didn't start quite the way I'd planned...
My plan was to leave a little early, stop at Starbucks and head to work...where I would check e-mail and type a blog about whatever the Lord laid on my heart as I prayed during my drive.

That wasn't the Lord's plan.

I did walk out of my door a few minutes early as planned, literally tasting my iced coffee from Starbucks...but found myself walking back in a few minutes later, sans coffee. The car wouldn't start.

This was day two.

Yesterday as I was heading to church early for prayer, the car wouldn't start. I managed to hitch a ride and for the first time ever immediately submit car trouble to the Lord and not fret. I knew if it was something serious I couldn't afford it...and knew that even if it were just a bad battery that would be difficult...but what I knew more was that our God is a God of provision and care and I didn't need to worry.

And I didn't. Quite a milestone for me. Prior to this car trouble was earth-shattering to me. No car, no freedom, no freedom, no life. I would stress and lose sleep and yet it always worked out fine. Our God is faithful! So the fact that I immediately prayed and felt at peace was a big deal.

My dad came over that afternoon, cleaned the very corroded terminals and I was on my way. Free again! So I didn't expect it not to start this morning. But it didn't.

The theory we are working on right now is that my antenna motor is broken, and keeps running and running and...running down the battery. My brother is working on identifying and removing its power source and I am hoping/praying that this will mean I can get to work and the car will start up when it is time for me to leave.

We shall see.

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