Wednesday, June 1, 2005

It Starts...

My friend, Ka...I mean "BayouMaMa2" ( suggested I do this.

She actually suggested that I am always "looking for an audience." I tried my best to be humble and not get offended by the insinuation that I am some sort of verbal exhibitionist, starved for attention and applause or compliments. I am SURE she didn't mean that. Sorta. I admit that I do have a complusion to share what the Lord is doing in my life and showing me. That it feels like it isn't complete if I haven't at least written it down ... and forwarded it on to my 20 closest friends :) Is that so wrong?

Anyway...I am taking her advice and giving this thing a try. As first posts go...let's face it this one is pretty lame. I promise to step up my game...ramble much more eloquently...and fill the next post with sharp wit, humor and so much inspiration you will be teary-eyed by the end. Reading my next post will be just like that scene in the graveyard from Steel Magnolias when they are crying and then start laughing and are still crying and it was just so sweet and real and touching and sad and funny all at once.

Really...I'm not exaggerating.

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  1. Thanks for the publicity! :) You're blog is fantastic! I knew you'd be great at this. I've included your blog as part of my daily reading/devotion. Keep up the great work!