Thursday, June 9, 2005

How the 40-day thing is going…

As you can see from this blog…the Lord has been very active. I haven’t written like this in forever…years probably. I am very thankful. I am also thankful for both the successes and failures in my 40 Days of Reformation.

Here's the run-down…
No diet soft drinks - 9 for 9
No sugar free candy - 9 for 9
No Secular Internet - 9 for 9
No pork. - 9 for 9
2 Caffinated Beverages a day - 7 for 9
Daily Exercise - 6 for 9
No TV/Movies - 9 for 9
Extra time spent on house and reading - 9 for 9
Prayer for a godly husband - this one has been even harder than exercising, which is surprising. When I have prayed these past 9 days, it been a struggle to feel that I am truly praying in faith. I know this is hard for a reason and my heart is being exposed, so I am thankful for what I know the Lord is going to reveal and deal with and heal through this process.

I am meeting with a friend tonight to pray in this area…maybe the Lord will truly meet with us and do a work here?!?! That would be amazing!

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