Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Site Change

As you may have noticed...things look a little different. I saw this purple template and I just had to have it! Sure, I'd like it better if the top bar were a cool green or even white or gray...but you can't have everything.

I also made the fonts some have mentioned that the point size was a bit small.

I hope you enjoy the new look. It will likely not last. I may find another, groovier template I like better...or my brother will be done with the site he is making me. Yes, that is brother is making me my own site.

I shared with him a while ago that I wanted to do a site about my weight loss. I'd seen so many out there proclaiming the miracle of lap bands or gastric by-pass that I thought I should put one out there that talks about a real miracle...and glorifies the miracle maker. So he volunteered to help...and we should be up and running in a few months. This blog will be part of the site...and I will have testimonies of the work He has done in my life, progress photos and who knows what else.

Stay Tuned...


  1. Hey...I like the purple, but miss the know me...change freaks me out. :-) P.S. What about a minty the one in my bedroom? (Hee Hee)