Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Week of Visits: Wednesday

When I began this posting thread, I really thought I had a whole week of fun, friend-filled activities to write about. Honestly, I did. But, now...well...I can't for the life of me remember if I did anything on Thursday. It is possible that the previous days were so full and the weekend was so packed with rehearsals for our Christmas Celebration at church, that I just took a night off and went to bed early. It is also possible that Wednesday night was so much fun that I blacked out for two days. Lastly, it is equally possible that I did something really fun with a really great friend and, due to my advanced age and early on-set dementia, I simply forgot what we did. If that is the case, it is very sad for me for at least two reasons: 1. I will be down one very precious friend. and 2. I may soon be wearing adult diapers.

Either way...it would stink.

I didn't mean for that to be a pun. I just didn't want to say "suck". I say that too much.


This night was set aside for my dear friend Julie. She is an amazingly talented musician and all-around extraordinary person. I want to be like her when I grow up, which is quite something to say because she is half my age.

Yeah...she's that awesome and mature and all that. Seriously, compared to her I'm like a 12 year old with ADD.

I'm not kidding.

So...um...Julie came over for dinner and a movie. We decided to watch Elf because, for some inexplicable reason, she'd never seen it. (Truly that is the only strike against her.)

I prepared a lovely dinner of soup and salad and was looking forward to a nice quiet evening with my friend Julie. But, just as we sat down to eat, my sister -in-law called. She needed a box spring that was in my shed. So she stopped by and we hauled it to her car...in the dark, narrowly escaping being concussed by my window unit. Then, after Julie and I got back to our meal and started having what can only be called sparkling dinner conversation, my friend Yves stopped by.

He does that sometimes.

I'm technically a grown-up and have some things he needs sometimes, like: a printer, cable and food.

Now, my friend Yves...well, he's different. He's African. Like, really African. He is from the Congo, but...um...he also grew up in Belgium, so he speaks French. He is also opinionated and, because he is not American, his perspective is often very different. Oh, and he also wears really cool outfits.

He is also fun and smart and challenging and godly and likes to have deep, meaningful conversations about controversial things...which isn't exactly sparkling dinner conversation. In fact, its a bit of an aquired taste. I don't think Julie enjoyed it as much as I did. But, she smiled and took part anyway.

She's cool like that.

Yves watched most of the movie with us...and by watched, I mean surfed the internet. He went home before the movie was over and left Julie and I alone to enjoy the comedic stylings of Will Ferrell in tights. Then, Julie went home to go night-night. I was liking the idea of night-night myself, but, then...the phone rang.

It was Yves. He was visiting with two of his friends and they wanted to come over, so I turned the lights back on, put my bra back on and waited for them to arrive. The rest of the night was, in a word: interesting. One of Yves friends was an atheist ex-con who spent his incarceration studying physics and also spent time in a psych ward. Oh, and he likes to be really upfront, abrupt and honest from the get-go as he despises superficial chit chat.

Shocker, right?

In all seriousness, it was a really great night...all of it: interruptions, unexpected guests and even the lack of sleep. Well, maybe not so much the lack of sleep part, but it was still a lot of fun!

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