Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I *heart* Christmas decorations

Every year, it goes about the same...sometime around the beginning of October, I start thinking about decorating for Christmas. I can't help it really! It's the media's fault. It seems they start pushing Christmas stuff around the same time they start pushing Halloween stuff. Since I don't do Halloween, and feel silly decorating for Thanksgiving...all I'm left with is Christmas. Visions of shimmery ornaments and twinkle lights dance in my head for almost 2 full months before I'm even able to pull out the tree and decorate to the soothing sounds of Bing Crosby's Merry Christmas album.

Another thing that happens every year is this: I buy more decorations. It doesn't matter that I have 4 large totes full and have given away approximately 5 different sets of Christmas tree accoutrement, 3 wreaths and 2 trees. I still buy more every year. And this year, even though I bought more and gave more away...I am "this close" to going out and buying a whole new set of decorations!

It's all my friend Lisa's fault. She hosted our small group holiday party this week and had some beautiful decorations. Our color schemes were the same, but her decorations were richer looking and she used cranberries! I loved it. Then I saw a cranberry and pomegranate wreath and fell in love and instantly wanted to re-do my entire home using that theme! Oh, and, of course a little gold!

It's a sickness I tell ya! But who can blame me when there are so many beautiful ways to make our homes shiney and bright and warm and inviting for visitors at this glorious time of the year?!?!

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