Saturday, December 6, 2008

The start of something new?

In August of 2005, everything changed. Hurricane Katrina destroyed everything connected to my life; I lived as a gypsy for 3 months; I ate my first Dorito in 2 years; and I bought a digital camera.

My life would never be the same!

Since that time, my interest in photography has just increased. I became the official family photographer. I opened a flickr account and have over 80 albums on Facebook. I also recently purchased my first digital SLR camera.

If I thought I loved taking pictures before, Canon Rebel took it to a whole 'nother level!

Today, I am off to the park, and will spend most of the day taking pictures. This morning, I'm taking my nieces (and Canon) to feed the ducks. This afternoon, I am going to be shooting for 2 cute families and, possibly, one of my favorite young couples.

I'm very excited and very nervous. In my head, I have all these ideas for shots and can see the finished pictures...but...what if I can't pull it off? What if none of the pictures turn out? What if the kids refuse to smile? What if I fall in a pond trying to get that perfect shot? What if this is the beginning of a new phase in life and a new career path? Or what if I just fail miserably?

Only God knows. So, here I go...stepping out into the unknown with Canon by my side.

Please, Lord, let us all at least have fun!

Stay tuned...

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