Friday, December 26, 2008

Quick Catch-up...and Family Pictures.

There has been a lot going on. My church had our annual Christmas choir presentation which required a lot of rehearsing, I booked a week of visits with friends I've been wanting to spend more time with, and then there is all of the usual holiday hoopla. Oh...and my oldest niece, a.k.a. "the Princess" turned six. SIX!

More on that later...
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were good. Since we were all together, we were finally able to do something we've been trying to do for a very long time...take family pictures. I took them via remote shutter release. I didn't like it. I lost a good deal of creative control over the shots I really wanted to get. But, them came out mostly clear, and mostly with everyone looking at the camera and mostly smiling. I did get one shot that I love of my middle brother and his wife, it wasn't a total loss. :)
Here are a few of the better ones:

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