Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yes, I love technology...

About two years ago, I moved into a new position at work. That new position came with three things: my own office, a second-hand laptop, and a company phone. Shortly after I'd settled into my new office, I got the call...the call to set up my new phone. I was told I could have a blackberry.

I died of joy.

Please keep in mind, this was 2008 and up to that point, my personal cell phones had consisted of a Nokia the size of a tape dispenser and a pink flip phone that didn't have texting capabilities. So, getting a blackberry, with all the bells and whistles of the day was better than Christmas...Christmas when I was 10 and still got really good, exciting gifts.

Since I had died of joy and come back to life, I was still trembling, but somehow managed to ask the following question: "C-c-can, can I have...a red one?"


I died of joy again.

Then I got better and my phone came in and it didn't leave my hand for 72 days straight.

I programmed everything. Synced up my email. Customized my ringers. Changed the wallpaper. Added Facebook notifications You know, the usghe.

I was in love and certain that my new red blackberry was the best thing on God's green earth. Yes, even better than nachos and iced coffee from Starbucks. Separately. Not together...cuz that'd be gross.

My love for the blackberry lasted longer than my second-hand laptop, which basically imploded after 3 weeks in my possession. To this day, I don't understand it. I customized it. Make it pretty. Bought it a purple leather case. Nevertheless, the motherboard gave up the ghost and I was given yet another second hand computer which is still with me.

As of today, I can't say that about my blackberry.

We'd been growing apart for a while, actually. 

See, I met another phone. One that had a huge screen. A touch screen. Without cartoony, 90s looking icons. One that didn't take 3 years to open a web page. One that took good photos. One that completed me. 

That phone was the iPhone. 

When they first came out, I didn't pay them much mind. But, over time, well...they grew on me and that grewing turned into love, and that love demanded to be requited.

So, I got my own personal iPhone.

And I died with joy. Well, from joy-induced dancing. 

But, I got better.

And the blackberry? It fell to the bottom of my purse and was rarely seen again.

Until I got the call that I was getting an upgrade on my work phone.

The phone was set up today.

And, I didn't die with joy. I have an iPhone for each hand and I'm sorta like "meh. no biggie."

I guess the thing with iPhone #1 really is love.

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