Friday, December 3, 2010

Thirteen things I love about Christmas...

Because twelve is boring and predictable...

The Doctor Who Christmas Special. After many months of being "Who-less", this Christmas special is just what I need to tide me over until the regular season starts up again.

Going caroling.
I don't get to do it every year, but when I do, I always leave feeling very happy, very full, and very thankful.

Cooler weather.
Nuf said.

Wearing coats.
Here in south Louisiana, we don't have many opportunities to wear coats or even jackets.
So, when December rolls around, and there is a sufficient chill in the air, I get super excited about being able to accessorize with something new.

Speaking of something new, I bought this little beauty today. I heart it.

Hot Chocolate.
When I was younger, mom would always make a big pot of hot chocolate on really cold nights.
Now, whenever the weather drops, I crave a cup of this deliciousness.
I love the feeling of warm insides when everything else around me is chilly.

Spending time with my cousins. 
We've gotten to a point in our lives where, holidays and funerals are really the only times we see each other.
It makes me sad...and love the holidays even more.

Holiday gatherings with friends.

Christmas movies.
Sigh and Smile.

The Christmas story and nativity scenes.
Seeing the gospel presented all the time, every where, when it is mocked and spurned and shunned every other month of the year brings a tear to my eye. Its a beautiful change of pace and very peace-giving.

The music.
Hearing the gospel proclaimed all the time, everywhere, even on "regular" radio, again is a beautiful, peace-giving thing.

I love the lights and the ornaments and the smells. I especially love getting my house decorated while listening to music or watching a movie and then turning off all lights but those on the tree.

Specifically, the Eagle Brand recipe.

Giving presents.
I don't really care if I get anything. 
I love buying and wrapping and giving gifts to others.
It doesn't feel like Christmas if I can't give gifts to the people I care about.

What do you love most about Christmas?

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