Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If I ever lose my faith in you...

Sometimes, it happens. I'm riding along in my car, listening to some of my old, favorite secular music, and God comes in...

It is said that all things serve Him, and that every good and perfect gift comes from Him...including the gift of music composition and song-writing. So, it stands to reason, though we may try to bend, distort, cover up, or ignore the truth, or wipe away the fingerprints, if you will, of the creator and author of our inspiration, some will remain...no matter how few. And, sometimes, it happens, that I can see those fingerprints. When I do, a drive home from work, listening to a secular station, turns into a time of worship or a moment where God ministers to my heart. One such moment happened yesterday to "If I Every Lose My Faith In You" by The Police.

Sting is singing to a person, about a person. He says he could lose or has lost his faith in everything else in the world, but if he ever lost his faith in this one person, all would be lost. When I heard it, I was also thinking about a person...the person of Jesus Christ...and I agree with Sting.

I don't have much faith in science or the progress of man. Sometimes, I am frustrated with or saddened by the local church, often I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing or where I'm going, and I feel like the whole world around me is just a big lie. Friends and family may disappoint or hurt me, current events scare me, my own failings may leave me feeling powerless and hopeless. At one time or another, I will find myself realizing the futility and frailty of all the things I want to place my faith in. I have and likely will continue to let some of those things, those people, those institutions go. I may even see some items of my moral code crumble and fall. Some dreams will likely die. But, even if all of those things happened all at once, I would be ok, because only one things is necessary...only one person is necessary.

I could lose my faith and hope and joy in everything I currently hold dear, but, if I ever lost my faith and hope and joy in my Lord, then and only then would I be lost, or, as Sting says "There'd be nothing left for me to do." Nothing left...indeed.

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  1. every time I think of posting a new blog post, and decide that I'm way too lazy, and then I feel like an awful person, I think of you, and the fact that you haven't posted in forever either, and then, I feel better.