Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things that make me happy...

In no particular order...

Capturing photos of kids with their tongues out.
So much better than a straight-forward smiling photo, any day!

Spending time with my weird family.
I wish I could say the above was an isolated incident...but it's not.
No, wait, strike that...I don't wish I could say this was an isolated incident.
We're weird. We're here. Get used to it!

Spending time with friends.

My new, uber-cool aviators.
I have wanted them for months and totally convinced myself I couldn't pull them off.
But, I was wrong. I totally rock them!

Having red hair.
Its so much better than boring dark blonde hair.

Rollin' with my homies. Jammin' to our jams.

Having friends visit my house.
Preferably, when they call first so I can make sure I'm wearing the proper undergarments.

Red lipstick
Also, giving "savage" smooches.

Pedis with the girlies.

This little booger.
Oh, how he melts my heart.
When my first niece was born, I didn't think there was any more room in my heart.
Then, I fell in love with her brother. Then they had a baby sister and now, they have Pookie.
Each time, they just fit in there and I have a new definition of "full".

Its helped me believe the impossible is possible, even for me.

Watching Saints games with my family.

Singing praises to my Lord.
Nothing even comes close to this, really.
Its in a category all by itself.

Little toes.

Remembering this time, this place, and the friends I made, and the stories they told, and the laughing I did.

Having real photos of me and my girl together.
Not lame, fake photoshopped ones.

11:30am on Fridays.

Making silly faces.

Try to stay sad or mad or depressed while blowing bubbles.
You can't do it!


Fun earrings.
Both wearing and buying.

Jim from the office.

Whenever Matt Paxton is on Hoarders.
He is the only sane person on the show.

Mike Rowe.
And, facial scruff.

Reading this woman's blog.
And, dreaming that we are friends and I get to visit her at the ranch.
Is that weird?

Walking in the Quarter.

Especially when it is for other people.

Drawing hearts.

What are some of the things that make you happy??

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