Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok, so, clearly, I had a little "single AGAIN at the holidays" meltdown yesterday.

To quote John Astin's character from Night Court: "I'm feeling much better now."

Well, "much" might be a bit of a stretch, but, I'm determined to get over myself and be about others ("again", I say with a whine) and get into the Christmas spirit.

Here's my 12 step plan:

Step 1. I put up the little Christmas tree I have in my office. In years past, I've baked some sort of tasty treat and invited folks to stop by to see the tree and have a snack. I'll do that on Monday. Tasty treats always make Mondays better. DONE, partially.

Step 2. I texted for 15 minutes with my brother who is recovering from mouth surgery. It has nothing to do with Christmas and it was gross, but, it goes with the "being about other people" it counts. DONE.

Step 3. I sent an email to my family and invited them to go see some lights and then get beignets and coffee afterwards. Since they are contractually obligated to spend time with me, I didn't break out into a flop sweat as I sent the invite. I've received one response, so far. It was from my dad. He said he'd rather stay home and look at Christmas lights on his computer. DONE, with a side of rejection.

Step 4. Watch Elf - soon. Laugh.

Step 5. Put up my dang blasted tree and invite one person over for coffee to enjoy its beauty.

Step 6. Do something fun and special and meaningful for the person who's name I picked this year.

Step 7. Go to my company party. Alone. Mingle. Ask people about themselves. Don't sit in a corner and wait for people to notice my loneliness.

Step 8. Listen to my favorite Christmas music. Jam.

Step 9. Write notes to a few special folks.

Step 10. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Cry.

Step 11. Read Luke 2, daily.

Step 12. Rejoice in the Lord. Repeat. (Phil 4:4)

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