Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The. Best. Dream. Ever!

So one day, I was visiting a friend at the hospital. It took me a really long time to find his room. I spent what seemed like hours roaming through a maze of hospital corridors filled with sick people, wheel chairs, carts, mop buckets and, inexplicably, a toy chest. When I finally did arrive at my friend's room, he was in bed with his foot up in a sling and some sort of monitor attached to what I believe was his liver. It didn't look good for what I thought was a slip and fall. And, everything was dark...weird. As I left and walked through what looked like my neighborhood grocery store parking lot, I was greeted by my boyfriend. He was tall and dark and latin (just the way I like 'em) and he accompanied me the rest of the way to my car. On the way there, we had to cross a little concrete median and as he led me over it safely, he turned and kissed me. I smiled, continued walking to my car and humming. Then I realized I was wearing a long, red, shimmy dress...and I was singing. And all of the people in the parking lot were singing...and dancing. I was dancing too. They were doing everything I did. I did a kick ball change, so did they. I did jazz hands, so did they. I did the snap, kick, spin, they did the same in perfect formation. "This is SO cool!", I thought, and continued dancing. I was leaping and twirling and, yes, shimmying my shimmy dress. I even leaned back on a car and kicked my legs up in the air. Oh, and I weighed about 125.

It was the best dream ever!

What abou y'all? Any fun, crazy dreams you'd like to share?

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