Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One thing you should know, if you are a person I just love a really lot, you will probably show up on my blog at least once.

Consider yourself warned. :)

One such person is about to have a birthday, and since I don't get to see him very often, I did two things:

1. I sent him a message saying, "Um, dude, I haven't talked to you in like 6 years!" To which he responded "What in the h$#% do you want?!?!" I just laughed and replied "Aw...hi. :) "

2. I checked my blog to see if I mentioned any of the crazy funny times we had together back when I saw him every stinkin' day...I found the following:

Warning: You should not drink anything while reading these posts.

This post has more warnings than usual. Sorry about that...but I'm all about safety.

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