Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Hope Every Day is This Easy.

Meet Jonathan. He is my little atheist, vegetarian, liberal, sloth-like friend and one of the few bright spots I have at work these days. I can be grumpy or headachey or tired or hating my pinky toes, but if he walks by my office and calls me "Joyce" or pretends to shoot me Wild West style or makes a wierd face at me, it's all better. For a few minutes, anyway.

I'm easily amused.

And so is he, so that works out great, especially when it comes to keeping my "make someone laugh every day" New Years Resolution!
A few days ago, I told him a story about a lady at my church who says "How are you?" in a very specific, slightly exaggerated way. This "How are you?" is generally accompanied by her leaning in to look right in your face and an affectionate hand clasp. She's a very sweet lady and very sincere. "How are you?" it isn't funny when she says would just be funny if anyone besides her did it that way. So, yesterday, I ran into Jon-Jon in the copy room and looked at him as seriously as I could and said "How are you?" in that very particular and affected way. He cracked up laughing. So did I.
And with that, Day 1 of the "make someone laugh every day" campaign was officially a success!
Note to self: Having inside jokes helps when you are trying to make people laugh.

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