Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lesson's Learned

This week, I learned (and at times re-learned) some things...

1. Check the live blog after you think you hit "save" just in case you accidentally hit "publish".

2. I need accountability...not just some of the time.

3. I actually can sorta run.

4. Sweating is not a fate worse than death.

5. I sorta have a thing for bald men. Strange. One showed up at work today and I was like, "heeeeeyyyyy there." Very Strange.

6. I love singing and worshipping and reading God's word and praying.

7. I love ministering to people I love.

8. I love how God's word can penetrate and comfort and speak volumes all at the same time.

9. I really can not watch romantic movies...funny or otherwise. Not. At. All.

10. I love taking portraits and interacting with people while I'm doing that. Its really fun!

11. I love to laugh.

12. I don't laugh near enough.

13. Nothing satisfies like obedience to God.

14. I cry pretty easily.

15. I'm pretty empathetic.

16. I love the way I feel in purple.

17. My suffering is, in part, so that I will be equipped to comfort others.

18. Everyone, including me, thinks they are better than most people.

19. I think you can generally tell a man's age and/or level of maturity by the amount of cologne he wears.

20. I have serious issues with eyeballs and heights. Moreso than another other fear or phobia.


  1. love it. we are learning every day, I hope. . . today I learned what it looks like to run over a vienna sausage with a trike and smear it all through my kitchen. mmmmmm.

  2. tee hee.
    whoot whoot to #3, lol to #5, LOVE #17.