Thursday, June 3, 2010


Remember when you and your friends would ride around town in a car, just for fun? Remember how you'd to turn the music up as loud as your ears could stand it? It was just loud enough to sorta vibrate through the seats and verged on hurting your ears, but you didn’t care because you liked the music? It was your jam. It was the latest and greatest. It was what all the other kids were listening to. Well, replace the fun ride with sitting at your desk…replace your jam with crackly and repetitive dialogue about baby birds. Add Ernie from Sesame Street laughing in the background…and then…well…then…the vibration and pain isn’t tolerable at all. In fact, it is so annoying and offensive that it makes you almost want to physically harm someone. However, because you are a civilized person, you simply take a deep breath and turn up the speaker on your computer, hoping that some peppy ELO will make it all better.

It doesn’t…until the cracking, ridiculously loud dialogue about baby birds stops. Then…the silence makes you want to shed tears of joy.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into a typical Wednesday afternoon in the life of this mad, fat woman.

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