Wednesday, July 27, 2005

See...Sean Astin gets it! ;)

"Astin, whose parents are actors Patty Duke and John Astin (Gomez on the 1960s TV series The Addams Family), told PEOPLE in 2002 that being a good husband and father are his most important roles: 'My priorities are clear. I provide for and protect my family.'"

I was just struck by this quote...and his use of the same words I used in my post yesterday...provide and protect.

Sean isn't a Christian as far as I can tell...if he can "get it" and live it...make it the priority of his life...certainly Christian men can!

Thanks to Gina for her comment and similar burden to pray for the men. I would encourage anyone who reads this to consider setting aside time to pray for the men in their lives...that the Lord would make His priorities their priorities...that He would do a work in theirs hearts which would allow them to esteem the gift of family more than their "freedom" or what they prefer to do with their leisure time. Often times what we regard as freedom is really a prison cell...and only by walking in obedience to the Lord can we TRULY be free. Ask the Lord to lead them to answer the call He has placed on their step out and lead their families (or pursue family life if they don't have a family yet) be the leaders he has called them to be in the home, in the church, in the work place. Ask Him to give them favor as they step strengthen them and bless their efforts. Ask Him also that the women in their lives would respond accordingly...that we would submit to the authority given to them and encourage their attempts to lead (even if we think they are doing it the wrong way or not doing it fast enough).

May God be glorified and men drawn to Christ as men put on the mantle assigned to them and thrive under what seemed a millstone or stumbling block to them before.

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  1. Your post really touched me (about praying for men) - last night I prayed for my husband! :)