Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ree the Diet-Killer!

It is a well-established fact that I am in love with Ree Drummond, aka "The Pioneer Woman." I adore her. I think she is da bomb. As such, I've forgiven her for stealing my life. I also visit her blog multiple times a day and have been known to dream about her. It's true. I'm not ashamed to say it. Or blog about it.

But, sigh, I must confess that visiting her blog has been difficult for me over the past month or so. As the days and weeks have gone by, I find myself less excited and giddy and more anxious about clicking the special bookmarked link I have for her blog.


Well, about a month ago, I started a diet. I decided enough was enough and set about tracking and limiting my daily caloric intake. I also started running...aka "slow jogging" three times a week. Its been going great and I've lost 15 pounds. But, this journey has not been without its battles. One of those battles is Ree's blog.

That makes me tear up a bit.

See, I still love me some P-Dub and think everything she does is fab...but...well...its hard to be resolved to go home and eat that frozen diet entree or salad or small serving of whatever mom cooked for dinner on Sunday when Ree posts things like this:

and this;

and this (drool):

and, God help me, this:

Sometimes I have to force myself to go look at this recipe, just to make it through the day.( You can read more about that trauma, here.)

Anyway, all that to say that, Ree's site and dieting are kind of mutually exclusive...unless you only plan on eating one meal a day...or, if your "diet" allows for 3600 calories a day...then you should be fine.


  1. hehe... I like her site too! I've always hear moderation... and if you completely deprive yourself you'll fall off the bandwagon but if you'll splurge every once in a great while you'll do just fine! Now if I could just lose some weight before Sept 4th I'd be extatic! But definitely congrats to you!

  2. I see your trouble! Man, just reading the titles of those recipes is making me want to lick the computer screen.

  3. Mariann...I know, right?!?! Forgive the analogy...but its like food porn. Only not gross or objectifying.'re absolutely right. A splurge every once in a while is a good thing, but looking at her cooking page makes me want to splurge every day. sometimes three times a day!