Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shutting up...

So, this morning, I re-read what I posted yesterday and was like, "That doesn't really make any sense!"

I blog because I have one-sided relationships in which I am free to share and pursue but it isn't reciprocated? I blog because it's just like the friendships I have?!?!

Clearly, my emotional state has effected my ability to effectively communicate my thoughts and feelings. So, until I can rightly do that...or I forget and post again...I will just shut up.

In the meantime, please enjoy this picture of a puppy snuggling with a stuffed animal.

Additional, non-puppy pictures can be found on my other blog, too.

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  1. adorable puppy!

    I just caught up with your blog!
    My heart is with you. I hear you, i understand...
    I sometimes pray that because I've lost my weight now and I'm a runner that people that are still struggling can't relate to me anymore....

    I will never ever forget where I came from. For a 5 foot 3 frame, and over 200 pounds and a size 20. I couldn't walk up 3 or 4 stairs without getting out of breath! I couldn't walk to my corner store to get bread or milk.....

    I am totally convinced that God wants to use my walk and battle with food and an 18 year old eating disorder....I've been there.

    I remember laying on the floor at the foot of my fridge crying out for god to fix it. But he didn't. And I'm so thankful that He didn't fix it! Because I wrestled through it. Daily, learning to crucify my flesh and it's desires. You are ON THE RIGHT PATH. I read the part where you were saying that "it sounded like a cop out or an exuse for you to not make a plan and do it" but you are so right when you say that only God has the power over this sin. You can make all the plans you want without him and it will fail! It has to be a heart change and i know that you know this!

    God has developed in you a very good foundation for you to get free and loose this weight. You are miles ahead of most that are yo yo dieting. The surgery, the shakes....do nothing. Even if you've nver tried them...i'm glad to hear that you know that it's a dead end.

    As god paves the way for you, i think the BIGGEST BATTLE in all of this is to NOT GIVE UP! to keep on truckin. To not let a 'frosty' slow you down. To renew your faith of the unseen each day and moment.

    As a practical side, there are things that need to happen consistently to loose weight. Continue to learn and grow in your knowledge of calories and good fat and bad fat. I highly recommend a book called "Never say diet" by chantel hobbs!! GET this book! there are concrete plans in this book that will help you.

    She is a christian and lost 200 pounds and is now a marathon runner. Her testimony is inspiring and challenging.

    Let me know if you find or purchase that book. It's a great way to start a journey. Emial me anytime to chat or even call me! Ill leave you my number in your email box
    love you so much tina, you are so so so beautiful!!