Monday, August 1, 2005

My 100 List

I saw this on a few other blogs and really enjoyed reading I thought I'd do one of my own. Here goes...

1. My first name is Tina
2. I have always hated my name. It is the official name of hookers and strippers…don’t believe me? Next time you see a movie or TV show with a character named Tina, if she isn’t some base, demeaning person…I’ll take you to dinner.
3. I was born in San Diego. My dad was in the Marines. We moved back here when I was 18 months old, though.
4. My husband's name is…wait…I don’t have a husband. ;)
5. I have been a Christian for 11 years.
6. July is a big month for me. I was saved in July of 1994 and the Lord started this whole diet thing in July of 2004 (right around my 10th re-birth anniversary).
7. I have two nieces, one step-nephew and soon will have another step-nephew and a step-niece.
8. I coordinate the marketing department for an engineering firm, which includes assistance to all of our offices in LA, AL and TX.
9. I rent a small 2br apartment that reminds me of my maternal grandparents house.
10. I drive a red Olds Delta 88.
11. I have a bachelor's degree in Government with minors in Criminal Justice and English
12. I love the color purple
13. I love the movie The Color Purple, too. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I still sob like a big baby when Nettie is sent away…and when she comes back with Celie’s kids at the end.
14. I have hazel/green eyes.
15. I used to always hate my hair…but now I am pretty ok with it mostly.
16. I haven’t been “normal weight” since I was in the 7th grade.
17. I haven’t been drunk since I was 20.
18. I have never done drugs of any kind.
19. My first car was a 1975 Plymouth Grand Fury…it was “as big as a whaaaaale!”
20. I have an albino cockatiel, most originally named “birdy bird.”
21. I have never been outside the U.S.
22. The first real book I remember reading was “Little House on the Prairie.”
23. I love yellow and white daisies.
24. I don’t watch TV.
25. I sing with my church’s worship team and at local nursing homes.
26. I know all the words to the song “I Love My Lips” by the Veggietales.
27. I am planning to memorize all of Romans Chapter 12.
28. I have ZERO desire to go to Las Vegas.
29. I still have a baby tooth.
30. I went to Disney World for the first time at the ripe old age of 28…and loved it! I cried during the Lion King show…and the Main Street Parade…and the big Fantasia type light show.
31. I would like to go to Disney World again.
32. I would also like to go to Paris, England, Russia and Israel before I die.
33. In college, I tried to teach myself Russian.
34. My favorite veggies are Brussels sprouts.
35. My favorite restaurant is LaMadeleine.
36. I could live on meatballs and sausage.
37. I used to sing opera music a lot…not professionally…just in the shower, in the car, etc.
38. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.
39. I have an artificial tooth…the result of a biking accident in the 2nd grade.
40. My heart’s desire is to marry and be a stay at home mom.
41. I would be open to being a missionary, if the Lord led.
42. I have virtually no toenail on my pinky toes.
43. I worry about how my nieces will grow up.
44. I am currently taking piano lessons from a girl half my age.
45. I was president of the Residence Hall Association for 2 years in college.
46. I was inducted into the Who’s Who of College Students my Senior year in college.
47. I had a crush on the same guy through most of my college years…my friends called him “Gorilla boy” because he sort of hunched over all the time…even when he walked.
48. Before I got saved, I considered myself an atheist.
49. I would love to write a book some day.
50. I used to be very into apologetics and would witness to cult members on the internet and on the street.
51. I love coffee.
52. I am not very organized…but I am working on it.
53. I wake up between 4 and 4:30am every morning.
54. I don’t really love my job…but it is an improvement over my last one and the Lord has shown me much favor.
55. I can’t pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
56. I laugh like my mom.
57. I talk like my dad.
58. I have 4 younger brothers.
59. I love living alone right now…it means I can have my nieces over whenever I want to.
60. I am habitually early for everything.
62. I was raised Catholic.
63. Before I joined my first church after getting saved, I prayed “Lord, I’ll go wherever you want me to, but please don’t let it be a Baptist church.” So…you guessed it…the first church I was a member of was a Baptist church. I was there for nearly 7 years.
64. I always sing in the shower.
65. I pretty much always sing in the car…unless I am praying or seriously pondering something.
66. I start singing whenever I hear water running or turn on my hair dryer.
67. I live on a Dead End street.
68. I lived on rollerskates from 1st grade until 6th grade.
69. I used to take a nap every Sunday afternoon.
70. I have a terrible sense of direction.
71. I love to walk, especially by the Lake.
72. My family called me “Spooky” as a kid…my maternal grandfather called me that until he died. Now, my friends Gwen and Paul call me that…so the tradition lives on.
73. My brothers used to call me TiTi…now my nieces and nephew do.
74. I am 5’3.5” tall.
75. I own about 40 pairs of flip flops.
76. I own about 100 bottles of nail polish.
77. I am afraid of heights.
78. I get sick on carnival rides…I even got sick on a carousel once…and was too afraid to ride a ferris wheel.
79. One of my crazy fears is being bitten by a Brown Recluse spider.
80. I have been stung in the eye by a wasp twice. Once I was sitting on a bench recovering from being hit in the eye by a ball…and a wasp stung me in the other eye.
81. I once broke my pinky fact, it is surprising that I have only broken it once. I wrap those puppies around any chair leg, table, or other obstacle at least once or twice a week. Its no wonder I don't have pinky toenails!

82. I don’t laugh enough.
83. I love how it smells just after a rain.
84. I don’t pray enough.
85. I refuse to read the Left Behind books.
86. I just found out my middle brother is moving to Tennessee…I am very sad.
87. I love my brothers.
88. My oldest brother and I are only 10.5 months apart.
89. I see all of my brothers about 2-3 times a week.
90. I used to want to be a lawyer.
91. I have always had an affinity for men in uniform…policemen, firemen, doctors, and military men, especially.
92. I can’t watch romantic movies.
93. I don’t like sports, but I love sports movies…like Rudy, Major League, Hoosiers, The Replacements and even Rocky.
94. I sometimes curse in my head.
95. I haven’t seen a grown-up movie in the theater since “Chicago” was playing.
96. I think way too much.
97. I am very readable…what you see is what you get. I can’t hide my feelings.
98. My parents have been married for 35 years.
99. I enjoy goofy, silly, ridiculous, absurd humor…like that in Monty Python and MST3k.
100. I desperately want to learn to die to “self” more.


  1. Hey Tina! Loved learning even more about you. :-)
    Here's my ten opinions...worth about 2 cents *chuckle*:

    1. I like your name just fine. My mom's best friend's name is Tina...and she is neither a hooker or stripper. That being said, I would like to eat dinner at the Olive Garden. Pick me up at 6:00 PM. ;-)

    2. I did not know you were a true Californian by birth...interesting.

    3. I am so happy that you are a Christian and that we have that special bond. {{hugs}}

    4. I like your hair...especially now that it is blond again.

    5. I used to pretend that I was a Solid Gold Dancer!

    6. I voted for you when you ran for president of the Residence Hall Association. :-)

    7. I remember "gorilla boy!" Wonder what he's doing now? Hmmm...

    8. I know that you will write a book one day. I expect to help you edit/proofread it. ;-)

    9. Aw Man! You've out flip-flopped me!

    10. I finally saw Monty Python...bizarre!!!

  2. Hi Tina! I really enjoyed reading your list! Hey! What's wrong with Left Behind books? ;)

  3. If I tell you my opinion of the Left Behind might never speak to me again. ;)