Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I hadn't heard a thing about this hurricane until this morning. Needless to say, it was a bit of a shock to hear that a serious hurricane was headed our way. In my lifetime, we've never had a major hurricane make landfall here. I've seen the pictures of devastation as hurricanes have hit Mississippi and Florida and they are frightening, but I've never lived through anything like that. Time after time, I've seen the hand of the Lord shift the storm elsewhere.

He has truly been very merciful to us in New Orleans.

Though it is devastating for a hurricane to hit anywhere, here in New Orleans, we are at more of a disadvantage as we are below sea-level. Our city is bowl shaped and if we are hit, we will be underwater - almost completely - for some time. As the hours wear on here, it is looking worse for us. My family is preparing to leave...though we don't know where to go.

What I do know is God is sovereign and He knows what is going to happen...and like Job I can say "Though he slay me, I will hope in him (Job 13:15)." Or, in this case...though he cover our city in flood waters...i will hope in him. So, in the meantime, as I wait to see the work of His hand, I will pray and ask you to join me...pray that His will would be done and if it is His will, that He would be merciful to us, yet again. It's not a matter of deserving it - for we don't - it's a matter of displaying His kindness and confounding the wise.

Lord, show the people watching the weather and those forcasting it that you alone are God. You make the winds to blow and the rains to fall, you rule Leviathan and can say "peace be still" to this storm. Your will be done, Lord. For your glory and your name sake!


  1. It is interesting that you prayed this prayer. My daughter lives in New Orleans, my sister and brother-in-law live in Slidell, my nephew in Ocean Springs and my aunt in Pensacola -- My mom and I have been praying this prayer since yesterday morning. Peace, be still.

  2. I truly believe He can speak and make this monster disapate. I also know that it only exists because He caused/allowed it to. I just had that reinforced for me watching how this thing formed from several different the wind had to be just so to push them together and the water temperature, and it all had to come together over an open body of water big enough to allow it to organize. It was truly amazing to see the time-lapse satalite imagery...quite another to know that God did this. I rest in knowing that no matter where it hits or if it hits anywhere at all that He has a plan and purpose for it...both in how we respond before and after. I can be nothing else but in awe of the Almighty in moments like this!

  3. Hey Tina! Your site is looking great! I thought about you today. Sorry I didn't phone rang all day and I didn't get much packing done. I'm planning to stay up most of the night and finish packing so we can leave in the morning. I think this is going to be a BIG one. I keep hearing my Lord say, "Be still." Remember that song? Sometimes He calms the storm...sometimes He calms the child. Love you girl! Please be safe!