Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Canadian Vacation - Day 4

(Read Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3)

In one of my previous posts, I commented on how hard it is having your BFF living over 1000 miles away. As I type this, I am feeling that distance more than I ever have.

Shortly before I went up to Canada, my friend's father-in-law got some very bad news regarding his health. Since I've been home, that news (and his condition) has gone from bad to worse. Of course, I am doing all I can do here. Praying, being available to chat or not as needed, encouraging or just listening. But, oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to just drive over to her house and hug her and her hubby, babysit the kids, pray with them in person, or just take a mental break and watch some old episodes of The Office with them.

So, maybe reminiscing over Day 4 of my trip isn't the best thing to do...unless I want to give my tear ducts a workout...but...I'm gonna give it a go.

Saturday morning, we really didn't do much. Nin and I went to the grocery to get some things for the family bbq they had planned for later in the day, then we just hung around until we had to start getting ready for a photo shoot with the whole family.

I knew, if I ever got to Canada, I would want to do photos for my friends. I had all sorts of ideas as to the type of shoot I wanted to do. So I left the house full of vision and rarin to go.

Daniel was ready, too

I haven't been able to work on the pix yet because I'm trying to finish up some wedding stay tuned for a sneak peek on my photography site (

After the shoot, we ran home, changed and headed out to The Forestry Farm and Zoo for the family bbq. I was very disappointed to learn that the Forestry Farm didn't actually farm forests. They did have lots of pretty trees, though. :)

And lots of opportunities for silliness.

I also had more time to get to know Nin's family better, which was really nice.

I heart Nin's family.

According to photos on FB, the family bbq usually includes crazy games. I have to confess, I was excited to see the games, but also a little scared. So, when everyone started bailing early and the games got scrapped, I wasn't entirely disappointed. In fact, I think I recall breathing a small sigh of relief.

Since the games didn't happen, and we still had some daylight, we decided to go visit the zoo. 

Since Nin's husband is kind of a big deal, we got in for free.

I got to see a bald eagle for the first time. 
Yes, I had to go to Canada to see the symbol of American Freedom.

My Canadian friends thought that was really funny.

My embarrassment was abated by this guy. Nin's husband ran up and down in front of the enclosure and this wolf chased him. Whining. Like a puppy. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wanted to take him home.

Meanwhile, Daniel chased chickens.

They were not amused.

Jonah: Auntie Tina, do you have chickens in New Orleans?
Me: Yep. Lots.

Daniel stopped chasing chickens long enough to feed rocks to geese.

Isaiah: Auntie Tina, do you have geese in New Orleans?
Me: (laughing) Yes.

Then we saw some bison. Chris tried to call them over like he would a puppy. 
They just continued grazing.

Jonah: Auntie Tina, do you have bison in New Orleans.

On the way home, Nin and Daniel had a fun time in the back seat.

After we got home and the kiddos went to bed, we decided to do facemasks.

I looked like I slammed my face into a vat of vaseline.

Chris looked like Hannibal Lecter.

When it came time to peel off my mask, I soon realized that I'd put the mask over my eyebrows. 
It hurt a lot.
We laughed a lot, too.

Nin laughed so much, she cracked her mask.
She looked like Skeletor.
Which just made us laugh more.

Next, it was nose strip time.

The results (to quote Nin): Chris took gold, I took silver and Nin took bronze.

Finally, we played "Wizard", which I always said like Michael Sera in "Juno".

It was super fun...and I didn't win.
I never win.
For reels.

Except when it comes to this friendship.
I'm definitely the winner in this deal. :)

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