Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Canadian Vacation - Day 3

(Read Day 1 and Day 2)

Day 3 didn't begin nearly as early as Day 1 or Day 2...thankfully. But, since Nin and her husband both had early morning appointments, I set my alarm just early enough so that I could shower and get breakfast before the kiddos woke up. By the time I was clean and fed, Nin was off to her hair appointment and Chris was out the door for breakfast with one of his pastors. Soon the kids were up, so I hooked them up with breakfast and then they headed down to the basement to watch cartoons while I finished getting dressed and ready for the day.

On the agenda: Lunch, Jazz Fest, Red Beans with the Fam, and Canada Day.

Shortly before lunch, Nin's parents arrived. We all ate lunch together outside...and I needed a sweater. At noon. In July. We also needed to light the bug coil.


But, sweaters and mosquitos aside, lunch was lovely. 

I heart eating outside.

After lunch, we headed out to the Jazz Fest. Being from New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz and home of the world-famous New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, I was quite curious to see how other people do a Jazz Fest.

This is my curious face. It's also my content face.

The setting was beautiful. The free stage was next to the river, and people were scattered all along the bank and the grassy area in front of the stage. The day was sunny and warm. And, the music was good, but, um, it wasn't jazz. Unless jazz is now salsa. 

Nin went fetal in disappointment.

Meanwhile, I entertained myself by taking photos of Nin's shoes.

Jonah took photos of my wrinkles.

Daniel worked on his tan.

And Nin checked Jonah's hair for bugs as she napped.

While at the jazz fest, I also got to experience the "Beer Gardens". It is a fenced off area where alcohol is purchased and consumed. Jazz Fest attendants are not allowed to bring their own beer with them or consume it on their blanket or in their chair out in front of the stage. I'm not a big drinker. If I have half a dozen drinks a year (and if I drink more than half of each) that's plenty for me. But, being from New Orleans, and seeing people drinking beer ONLY in a designated place is very strange. At our Jazz Fest (or Mardi Gras or New Years Eve or Arbor Day) people just walk around and go in and out of tents and booths with their drink in hand.

ANYway, soon we had enough of non-jazz music and headed home where I finished off the red beans I'd been cooking all day for my Canadian friends. We all met at Nin's parent's home to eat. On the way, I took a picture of a Christmas Tree. In July.

These trees are, quite literally, every where!

Nin hates all the evergreens in the whole world!

My Canadian friends really enjoyed their red beans...except Jonah, who put soy sauce on her rice, because that's how she rolls. 

As they were enjoying this traditional New Orleans dish, my friends began throwing out ideas on other ways to prepare the adding corn or ground beef.

Though I tried to restrain myself (for like 2 seconds) I had to protest.
"There's no corn in red beans!" (said like Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own")

After going against all I hold dear and holy by suggesting changes to the food of my people (which was probably pay back for my prior request for a non-bloody steak), we went home to get ready for Canada Day, and Nin did THIS to me:

Yes, that is a Canada Dr. Seuss Hat...and Elton John glasses...and a boa...and stickers featuring Moose and Beavers...and Canada tattoos on my face.

I'm told this is how the Natives first looked when the British came in to take over the land and subjugate them. Since I'm not really familiar with Canadian history, I didn't question it.

Soon everyone was in their Canadian garb, and we piled in the car to go see the fireworks. 

Notice the daylight in the rear window. This is approximately 8:30pm. It would be another 2.5 hours before the sun was down enough for fireworks.


We met up with the rest of the family at their secret parking place...

and Nin protected her butt from mosquitos.

After walking a million miles, we got to the field where everyone was ready for fireworks. 
And...I got to meet THE Camille. :)

She was pretty much awesome.

P.S. It was really cold. I had long sleeves, a sweater and 2 blankets...and was still shivering.
Nin was a good sport and snuggled with me until the fireworks started.

They were pretty much awesome.

The Pan was a fan.

After fireworks, we walked a million miles back to the car, swatting mosquitos along the way, then ate some bacon before collapsing into bed.

Why bacon?

I don't know. But, I didn't complain. I never complain about bacon.

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