Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Canadian Vacation - Day 2

Day 2 began at 5am. My body was still on American time...and, apparently, thought I had to go to work. So, I hung out  until my amazing friend went against all she holds dear and holy and woke up at 7:30...to have breakfast with me. I made my special eggs, she made my special coffee and we enjoyed a nice, quiet chat in the wee small hours of the morning while her husband and children slept.

Twas loverly.

Then, the savage awoke, demanding toast for himself and his alligator. 

We obliged.

After everyone had their breakfast, we dyed my hair...with silliness and paparazzi.

We were both pleased with the result.

We then took our fresh hair and smiles out to tour the city of Saskatoon. Nin's husband served as our tour guide and was full of anecdotes and interesting tid bits. Our tour was followed by lunch, where the Pan went savage on ribs. 

It was a sight to behold.

His parents were very proud.

Then we took a walk down by the river, at mid-day, where I proceeded to NOT sweat. I was giddy.

Meanwhile, Daniel pondered the meaning of life, or something.

After the not sweating and pondering and walking and touring and lunching, us girls went for a pedicure. A mime did mine, which was interesting. But, at least I got some glitter on my toes...and got to spend some fun girlie time with the girlies.

After pedicures, we returned home to gussy up for yet more girlie time...including fondue and a restaurant photoshoot.



And,  a little car dancing...

Then, we each had to make a pit stop...literally. We celebrated with some outdoor singing and dancing and laughing.

Here, Nin is singing a very operatic rendition of the Canadian National Anthem, whilst Sarah busts a few hip hop moves.

Twas impressive...if impressive means really funny.

Next, I got to meet Sarah's husband Joe. We were both very excited.

The cherry on top of the amazing, fun-filled day was Sing Star with the sisters. They rock so much harder than I ever will.

 Our Sing Star fun was interrupted by a wicked storm that blew through the neighborhood. SO, naturally, we all ran outside and stood under a tree to watch the lightening. 

It was the wisest thing we could think to do.

Since none of us died, we went to bed happy...awaiting the next day of adventures. 

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