Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When I first met you, you were just "Carebear's sister with the unusual name."

Then, you got on Facebook, and I came to know you as "she who hearts movie quotes as much as I do."

Finally, one night in June, you popped on to FB chat. Silliness commenced, immediately. However, it wasn't long before we began to share our hearts, our struggles, our anger, our fight for faith, our "god moments" and, yes, some more silliness, too.

Now, you are a sister of my so many ways. Now, if a day goes by and I don't chat with you, it feels weird. Now, you are my Nin, my homie, my girl, my bestie. Now, I call you "honey" sometimes, and it doesn't feel awkward. Now, I can't imagine how I managed without your friendship.

RIGHT NOW, you are on a plane. You are flying through the sky, sitting in a chair that is probably too close to the stranger next to you and is making your back hurt...on your way to see me. And, in just a few hours, I get to hug you.

Without emoticons.

Part of me is a little afraid that the special friendship we have shared via the internet and the telephone won't translate once we are in the same zip code. But, the other part of me says, "Psh! Shut up! It will be so much better!"

That other part of me needs to learn some manners.

Nevertheless, I'm choosing to believe that ill-mannered part.

I can't wait to see you and hug you and have an amazing adventure with you. Oh, and, I love you.

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