Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Nin & Ti Ti's Excellent Adventure...Day 2

(Read about Day 1, here.)

After a few hours of smiling and not sleeping, the girl from New Orleans left her comfy bed and began the arduous task of waiting for the girl from Canada to wake up. She posted photos on Facebook. She watched a little TV. She did a little laundry. She ate a little breakfast. Yet, still, the girl from Canada slept. So, in a last ditch effort to entice her friend from her slumber, the girl from New Orleans put on a pot of coffee and took a shower.

That did the trick, and soon the two were enjoying some very strong coffee on the back patio. In November. Not losing toes.

Good times.

Then, they proceeded to spend the next 3 hours getting ready for their first adventure.

 Finally, they were primped and ready to head out for the day.

And, there was much rejoicing...and teal eyeliner.

For their first adventure, the two rode the street car (NOT the trolley) down to the Quarter (NOT the French Quarter or the French Quarters) to see the sights and walk around.

The girl from Canada was so happy to see the city, all the different people, and buildings older than her hometown. The same could not be said for the man sitting behind her.

The girl from Canada was also very happy to see palm trees.

The girl from New Orleans was not. She hates all the palm trees in the whole world.

The excitement from riding the streetcar and seeing palm trees really gave the girl from Canada an appetite, so the friends stopped in at the nearest restaurant for lunch.

The girl from Canada perused the menu, looking for anything familiar. There was no such thing to be found, so the girl from New Orleans ordered for them: a shrimp poboy and a cup of gumbo to split.

 The food arrived quickly. Smelling divine. And, there was much rejoicing...and flexing of the neck tendons.

Next, the friends stumbled upon an impromptu blues concert just outside St. Louis Cathedral. The woman in purple was singing "House of the Rising Sun." It was sublime, evocative and mournful. The girl from New Orleans held her breath through most of it in anticipation of the next amazing, soul-stirring riff.

Meanwhile, the girl from Canada video'd the whole thing....while a nerdy, bespeckled couple looked on.

Next, the girl from Canada bought an ear warmer, from an Asian lady who was wearing a Parka, in New Orleans, while the girl from Canada wore a short-sleeved shirt. This was not ironic in the least bit.

The girl from Canada bought many other "essential" items, as well, but none of the other sales people wore parkas. This made the girl from New Orleans sad.

Before leaving the Quarter, the pair stopped for the obligatory touristy photo in front of St. Louis Cathedral. They could then strike "being trite and predictable" off of their list.

After a relatively quick costume change, the friends drove over to the girl from New Orleans' parents house.

There, the girl from Canada met the fam...including their newest addition: Pookie.

And, there was much drooling...

The girl from Canada also met, hugged and chatted with the other kiddos from the family: The Dudeler, The Princess and The Diva. They called her "Miss Nin". This made her very happy because, apparently, children in Canada have no manners and speak to grown-ups as if they are peers.

The kiddos then took photos of Miss Nin, the girl from New Orleans (they called her Ti Ti) and Ti Ti's brother, Uncle Brad. They took blurry photos, close up photos and way too far away photos. This was the best of the bunch, mainly because Ti Ti thought she looked "not gross" in it.

 Then, the trio went out for dinner. Shortly after Miss Nin sent photographic evidence to Ti Ti confirming her visit, she made Ti Ti promise that they'd go eat sushi together. Ti Ti agreed, but was filled with fear and trepidation. When the time finally came to shove that strange, round conglomeration of food into her mouth, Ti Ti expected to gag and spit it out.

She did not.

And, and there was much rejoicing.

The last stop of the day was Southport Hall to see a popular local band. There, the trio saw some friends of Uncle Brad's, old men "living the rock dream", a drummer doing high kicks, and a popular morning DJ. The DJ was there with this girl friend. It appeared they shared the same hair dresser. This disturbed Ti Ti, Miss Nin and Uncle Brad.

The band seemed unphased. They continued to rock...sorta.

And, there was much dancing...

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  1. totally just finished laughing out loud through these last two blog posts!
    Well told Titi.