Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Nin & Ti Ti's Excellent Adventure...Day 3

(Read Day 1 and Day 2)

Day 3 of Miss Nin & Ti Ti's Excellent Adventure began much like the first. Ti Ti rose early and tried to wait patiently for Miss Nin to wake up so they could begin their day. The plan was to spend the day in the quarter again, perhaps with the kiddos. There were no other plans aside from going to a friend's house to watch some UFC matches later in the evening. Ti Ti daydreamed about lunch and jazz bands and blowing powdered sugar on the kids while she munched on her breakfast cereal. She imagined the group of them, leisurely winding their way through the narrow streets, unhurried and lazy-like, enjoying the thought of her friend having hours to soak in the sites, sounds and shops of the Quarter.

FYI: That didn't happen.

When Miss Nin wasn't waiting in the hallway after Ti Ti finished taking her shower, she decided to poke her head in the room to wake her up. It was almost 10am and they'd have to rush now if they wanted to not be rushed later.

While Miss Nin got ready, Ti Ti called Uncle Brad and the kiddos Mommy to see if they wanted to join the day's adventure. 

They did, but there were complications. Car trouble. Pookie trouble. Three other kiddos taking advantage of distracted Mommy and Uncle Brad trouble.

By the time everyone met up and the car was loaded and ready to go, it was well after lunch time and Ti Ti's dream of leading her friend through a lazy day in the Quarter was on life-support.

Never-the-less, they headed out (minus Mommy & Pookie who opted to stay home, afterall) to make the most of what time they had together in the City.

The girls rode in one car. The boys in Uncle Brad's truck. Ti Ti cried a little at the thought of 3 of her favorite girls in the same car. 

It is a well-documented fact that Ti Ti is a big ninny.

Since it was well after lunch, and there was hardly any line at all, the first stop was Maspero's....a pretty popular local restaurant which features all the New Orleans staples: fried seafood and various rice dishes.

FYI: The smiling man next to Uncle Brad is a complete stranger who just decided he'd like to be in the photo.

While they waited for their food to arrive, the kiddos kept Miss Nin entertained. They asked her questions. they told stories. They pointed out note-worthy things, such as: condiments on the table and firetrucks. They made Ti Ti and Uncle Brad correct them repeatedly. They also took photos of Miss Nin with Ti Ti's camera. 

Finally, the food arrived...and, there was much rejoicing. While the kiddos chowed down on fried shrimp and fries, Miss Nin prepared to taste her first bite of jambalaya (pronounced JUM-balaya, not JAM-balaya).

The Princess looked on, breathless with anticipation.

The verdict: yumminess.

Next, Miss Nin tasted her first fried oyster. She talked Ti Ti into trying one with her.
Despite growing up in the City, Ti Ti had never had a fried oyster before. She thought they looked like they'd taste yucky.

Ti Ti was a ninny about trying new foods.

The verdict: Ti Ti was right. They tasted as yucky as they looked.

After lunch, Miss Nin, Ti Ti and the rest of the crew strolled through Jackson Square. Miss Nin got to see a  Wedding Party Second Line down the street and a bunch of silver street performers.

The street performers couldn't hold a candle to those things called "fire trucks", but they were still entertaining. At one point, he called the kiddos over to give them candy...and, there was much rejoicing.

On the way home, Miss Nin asked if they could stop by and take a look at the strange cemeteries. Since Canada is not below sea-level, they do not have to build little hi-rises to bury their dead, so these little cities of death were pretty intriguing to her.

Sometimes people think these are ovens...large oven graveyards.

But, they are wrong.

After the cemeteries, the group shared beignets with the kiddos Mommy. Miss Nin told her New Orleans friends that beignet means "heaven in your mouth" in French. She should know, being Canadian and all, so they all believed her immediately and without question.

And, there was much rejoicing...

Then, it was time for some UFC. Miss Nin and Ti Ti are both huge fans of senseless violence, so they were very much looking forward to sitting for hours watching men beat each other bloody.


In reality, Ti Ti just wanted Miss Nin to meet some of her friends and that was her best option. Despite the punching and the blood, a good time was had by all. 


Finally, it was time to call it a night and go home. But, before going nite nite, Miss Nin played a few songs on her guitar for Ti Ti.

And, there was much weeping...

By Ti Ti

because she is a big ninny.

Also, because she loves Miss Nin and loved getting to worship with her. For real. In person.

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