Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Potty Humor

Usually, by the time I get to my lunch break, I'm in need of a good laugh. Today was no exception. While perusing the internet for a bit of humor, I stumbled across a site featuring odd and bizarre "fixes" to home and automotive problems.

Here's a few that made me giggle...and scratch my head...

Mabel: "Earl, that supersize john you just *had* to have is too dang big! I cain't shut the door!"

Earl: "Aw, stop yer fussin'! I'll grab my handsaw and git her done!"

I guess you can either take a shower OR have useable toilet paper...not both!
It's a sink...with a flusher. $10 bucks says this is located in the same bathroom pictured above!

A plant in a potty. Ok. But, what I really want to know is, do they potty in a pot?

For those who like to "go" on the go!

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  1. giggle giggle!
    Toilets are such a central thing of humor to all. When Daniel broke our toilet, we had it sitting out in the backyard for what seemed like forever. My friend said we should plant some flowers in it and put it in the front.
    At one time, because of that broken toilet that never got tossed (just shoved behind the shed to "deal with later") then we got a new toilet for upstairs, so the old one was out there, then, we got a new one for downstairs, and the old one down there was outside, we had THREE toilets, sitting on our side patio for all to see. Every time I would go out there with friends or my parents for a smoke, I'd point and say, have a seat. It was SUCH a trailor park yard. I'm happy to say there are now no toilets sitting outside, just one in each of the bathrooms.