Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh! My ovaries!

I heart babies. Seriously, if there was a job where all I had to do was hold and rock and sing to and take photos of babies all day...I'd take it! Whenever I get to meet a new little one, its just such a sweet moment. Those sweet moments are also followed by a short period where my ovaries are mean to me. They throb, they call me names, they threaten to pull up stakes and make their home in some woman in Mormon country who actually has a chance of reproducing. But then, my ovaries realize they don't have a car, or a savings account, or credit cards, or feet, for that matter, and they shut right up.

Thankfully, that whole dramatic scene didn't take place until after I got to visit and hold and rock and sing to and photograph this little guy...

Peter...brand new.

His mom is a very dear and very sweet friend, so of course I had to barge into their hospital room to see him as soon as I was able. His poor momma & daddy were so tired, but still managed to share the birth story and chat and laugh with me...while I got sweet snuggles from their new baby boy.

But, I did give him back...eventually.

Peter & Mommy as Daddy looks on.

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