Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I Love Being an Aunt

My Fridays are usually pretty predictable. I get off of work at 11:30a, do whatever I want until 2:30pm and then I start picking the kiddos up from school. I pick up my youngest niece (The Diva) first, and everyone at her school knows that Friday is Ti Ti day. Its kind of a big deal.

But this Friday, the kids were home, so I headed over to their house after work. We had lunch. We played with Photobooth on my new computer. And, we did Karaoke. After several hours of this, I headed home. On my way out the door, my youngest niece ran after me. She hugged my legs and said "I just wanted to say 'I love you.'"

After I'd been home for about 45 minutes, my phone rang.

Diva: (sounding a little sad) Hi, Ti Ti.
Me: Hi, my love. What's up?
Diva: You have to come back to my house.
Me: Why baby?
Diva: You forgot something.
Me: I forgot something? (looking around my living room, wondering what I could have forgotten) What did I forget?
Diva: Your phone.
Me.: (laughing) Baby, I didn't forget my phone. I'm talking to you on my phone.
Diva: Oh, well then you left your computer.
Me: Sweet love, I was playing on my computer when you called.
Diva: You forgot my socks.
Me: Your socks? Why do I need your socks? They belong with you, at your house.
Diva: I want them to be at you house.

Bless her little heart. She just wanted her Ti Ti there with her. 

It don't get much better than that!

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