Monday, May 4, 2009


Several months ago, my life changed. And, by changed, I mean, it was taken over. My routines were undone, rearranged and mangled. My time was sucked way and utterly consumed. My thoughts were for once in my life fixed and central and nearly solitary.

What caused such a life-changing turn?

A camera.

Sad, but true.

Since photography has come into my life, almost everything else has fallen by the wayside. I mean, I still go to work and do my job and all that. But so many things that were essentials B.C. (before Canon) have fallen into the cateory of "whenver I can get to it/them".

I think I'm sort of snapping out of it now. Oh, I'm not giving up photography, I'm just trying to achieve the proper balance and priorities. What that means, practically, is getting my home, my family time, and my blogging back in order and my routines a bit more consistent.

Wish me luck...and pray for me!

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