Monday, November 17, 2008

More Wedding Photography

Several months ago, I travelled to a conference in Louisville, KY with some people from my church. I spent about an entire day there and back on an RV with a bunch of 20-somethings...and I had a blast! One of the highlights of the RV portion of the trip was getting to spend time with  a soon-to-be engaged couple. I spent a few hours talking with them and asking them lots of questions about their walk with the Lord, their families and their relationship. Less than a year later, I had the privilege of assisting their photographer (who is also a church member and soon-to-be married herself!) at their wedding.

It was a beautiful day, from the weather to their joy and sweetness together, to her dad's tear-filled surrender of his baby girl and the smiles on the faces of all of those gathered around to celebrate and rejoice with them. 

Without thinking, I went directly home (stopping only to buy some furniture for my new apartment at at garage sale), edited the pictures and posted some of the good ones on Facebook. After I did so, I thought..well, hmmm this wasn't my wedding, or my family or my "gig". Any number of people could be pretty peeved at me for putting these pictures up...or they could be really delighted. 

So far, "really delighted" has been the general response.


Here are a few pics of the gorgeous couple on their gorgeous day!

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