Saturday, February 4, 2006


I just want to post a quick "Thank you" to all of those who have continued to stop by each day. I know my posting has been less frequent and I appreciate the desire to continue to check-in, despite the lack of posting.

One of the reasons for the change is just time. My work schedule has been hectic and my evenings have been spent trying (mostly in vain) to get my place back in order since my family members have moved out. The other reason is because of the great swirling inside of me. I can't make sense of much that is going on with and in me right now. I feel very much like I am straddling two wobbly and cracking pieces of ice, in the middle of a wind storm. The only concrete thought that is possible is "don't fall!"

But the Lord has been speaking very specifically, and encouragingly, to me over the past week and I hope that I can put all of it down in some sort of way that makes sense, for myself and in a way that might benefit someone else, because I firmly believe that He does nothing just for me, but always intends it to benefit someone else, somehow.

So, thanks again for continuing to stop by...and please pray that clarity (and the resulting response of change) comes soon.

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