Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mighty to Save

"Mighty to Save.'
Those words have surrounded me all week.

I look around and see that I am in desperate need of saving. But, Lord, may it not be that I ask you only to save me from circumstances or habits. May it not be that I want you to just bring order and consistency to the daily aspects of my life. May I not default to or rely on a to-do-list or a routine to Save me. May I not see consistency and good habits as my salvation. Let it be that what I desire most is for you to renovate and fill my heart a new with Love for you...and to receive Love from you.

All I am, all I have to offer now is very much all I was and had to offer back when we first met. I come to you with empty hands and a heart yearning for something more, something better, something real. Yearning for You.

Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

Earnestly I seek You.

Out of the depths, O Lord, I cry to you.

Let me not be ashamed.

And let me not be the same.

Let me not mistake correction for hatred.

Let me not confuse discipline and order with Love.

Let me not mistake legalism for holiness or worldliness for freedom.

Let me not insist that your salvation be regimented and hard.

Let me not be unwilling or resentful if, at times, it is.

Let me not attempt to be the author and director of my salvation.

Let me be as You desire...pliant, willing, & humble.

Let me also be willing to say "No", to forsake, to sacrifice.

Let me, above all, have a heart for what is pleasing to You, what honors You, what brings glory to You.


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