Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

Since I migrated over all of my old blog posts, I have spent a little time taking a bit of a trip down memory lane. Because I'm naturally curious and nostalgic, I thought it might be fun to see what I was up to one year ago today. Here's what I found:

My oldest brother, Nicky, thinks he looks like my maternal grandpa (we called him, Pa Pa). He doesn't, really. He acts a lot like Pa Pa, or at least tries to emulate him, but there is no strong physical resemblance outside of hair color and skin tone and bow-leggedness. In reality, Nicky looks like a fair-haired member of my Dad's side of the family, especially when he wears glasses. He has the nose, the eyes, the bone structure of a Gaspard. Granted, there are a few pictures in the family album where Nicky could easily pass for a Lemoine and bears little resemblance to the Gaspards. However, more often than not, if you lay out every school photo ever taken of my poor, deluded brother, he is Gaspard all the way...except for the blonde part.
Me, I have no delusions. I look like my mom. She couldn't deny me if she tried. The only things I inherited from my dad were his "birthing hips" and "thunder thighs". Well, that is, only in terms of physical resemblance. When it comes to personality, at times, the resemblance in each of us to our parents is far more striking than the physical.
I laugh like my mom and share her inability to do math when it comes to money.
My brother Brad is not only another fair-haired version of my dad but also shares his temperment down to a "t".
Our "middle child", I think, inherited the best qualities from each of our parents. He consistently works hard, is kind, thoughtful, insightful, generous and funny without being cutting or overly sarcastic.
These thoughts came to me the other day as I was driving and listening to a new CD titled, Sons and Daughters. The theme of the CD is about our standing in Christ with God our Father. As I meditated on this idea, and the Lord brought to mind all the ways I resemble my parents, I was almost immediately aware of all the ways I don't resemble my Heavenly Father.

I didn't finish the post or publish it. I'm sure I had tons of insightful and possibly witty things to say, but, alas, they never made it into type. Perhaps my lunch break was over or I was distracted by a small shiny object. We may never know.

Around that same time, though, I also blogged about a dream where I grew fur, my response to a friend's divorce, my ovaries, and some of my people. And, that's just a small sampler platter of the seriousness, silliness, and randomness you're sure to find here at It's Just Me!

Aren't you just, like, totally excited?!?!


(crickets chirping)

Hmmm...guess its just me, then. ;)

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