Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Odd Dream

The other night I had what could arguably be called the oddest dream of my life. It all started in my bathroom, however the dream had a sort of "en medias res" quality to it...which, in regular people speak means it seemed like it was in the middle of the story. I was looking at a large black, swollen area just below my arm pit. I had seen this black thing before and was growing concerned. As I examined this spot in the mirror, I looked down at my arm and saw what appeared to be werewolf-looking skin and fur all the way up my arm. I turned around and saw that the the black skin and fur was well over my shoulder and making its way towards my back. "I should see a doctor. It seems to be spreading." I thought. "Seems to be spreading?!!?" I would say so.

After that stroke of genius, I walked out of the bathroom and had another. "I'll just rub the blackness a bit and see if it peels". At first, the fur started pilling and peeling off. Then, a bit of black skin separated and turned up enough for me to grab...and before I knew it, I was pulling the blackness off like a really gross legwarmer. Only it wasn't a legwarmer and it was on my arm. And it was gross.

That is all I remember. I think even Dr. Freud would have a hard time finding the meaning in this one, folks! Though, I suspect, he might think I have a "thing" for hairy preternatural creatures. But I don't. I promise. Really.

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