Monday, February 2, 2009

Sufficiency in the Gospel

"The gospel serves as the means by which God daily constructs me into what He wants me to be and also serves as the channel through which He gives me my inheritance every day of my Christian life. Hence, it could be said that the gospel contains all that I need "for life and godliness." It is for this reason that God tells me to be steadfastly entrenched in the gospel at all times and never to allow myself to be moved from there. The mere fact that God tells me to stay inside the gospel at al times must mean that he intends to supply all of my needs as long as I am abiding in that place of luxury." (from The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent)

The gospel = a place of luxury.

I haven't thought of the gospel quite that way before. I've thought of the gospel as a means of salvation; a message of redemption and the distilling of God's great love into one great act and thought, but never as a place of luxury. This is quite a compelling and thought provoking description of the gospel: a place of luxury, a place where our every need is met and we are satisfied...while at the same time become more and more dissatisfied with the world and the desires and cravings we thought were needs before.

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