Monday, February 2, 2009

Quick-witted 3 year olds

This weekend, I went to a monster truck show with the kiddos and one of my brothers. Can I just say, Grave Digger is AWESOME! He's in his 60's and completely fearless! The things he did in his truck made me nervous and excited and squeal like a little girl with a new sparkly thing, all at the same time. But, I digress...


So, we went to the monster truck show this weekend with one of my brothers and some of his friends. As we piled into the car to head to the show, my youngest niece (the Diva) said "Ti Ti, your hair looks crazy." Now, I'd done something a little different with my hair and attempted to make it kind of loose and wavy and flirty (if hair can actually be flirty...and if it can, can it also be flirty of its own volition, or do I need to cooperate?). Anyway, I thought it looked nice. Clearly, the Diva did not agree. Still, I tried to not take her assessment personally and just said "Ok, thanks." My older niece chimed in next, "I think it looks pretty, Ti Ti." To which I replied, "Thank you, sweet girl."

"But it really doesn't." said the Diva.

She's a quick one, the little stinker!! But she's so stinkin' cute she can get away with anything.

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